5 Reasons Orgasms Are Good for Your Health

In honor of Women’s Health Month, we’re opening up the floor to talk about orgasms. Although many things have shifted in the world of sexual health and wellness, many women are still unaware of how beneficial orgasms can *actually* be to your overall health. What are those benefits, exactly? We’re glad you asked.

1. A Healthier Immune System 
It may be hard to believe, but having orgasms can help you stay healthy and fight off that annoying cold, as they help boost infection-fighting cells in the body. 

2. Reduced Stress
No one loves feeling stressed, and, thankfully, orgasms release the love hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream, helping you reach a state of relaxation. 

3. Pain Relief 
Dealing with painful menstrual cramping? Although you could grab a CBD lotion or invest in a heat therapy pillow, the release of oxytocin helps here as well, making those cramps much more manageable. One study has even shown that orgasms can provide significant relief from headaches as well. 

4. Healthy Skin 
Hello, natural glow. Maybe you’ve taken a look in the mirror after sex and thought your skin looked a bit more radiant than usual. This is because orgasms boosts the level of estrogen in the body, and estrogen can prevent the decrease of collagen and help lock in moisture for a hydrated look.  

5. Better Sleep
A relaxing night’s sleep is never far after an orgasm, thanks to that oxytocin. You’ll find your mind and body are at ease afterwards, allowing you to fall asleep easily and get exactly the rejuvenating rest you need.

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