5 Fun and Easy Mindfulness Activities for Kids

This guest post is written by our friends at Mindful & Co Kids who offer yoga tools and mindfulness exercises that give children the knowledge and skills to move through the world consciously.

Studies have shown that, when practiced regularly, mindfulness can help children improve their mental health and wellbeing, develop social skills, and more.

 Simple mindful activities can have long-lasting developmental impacts when they are practiced regularly, but it can be confusing for caregivers to know what activities to implement so that they can support and promote mindfulness at home. 


Here are 5 fun and easy mindfulness activities for children:


1. Play mindful games

There are so many mindful games out there that are great for children. Board games, pick-up sticks, and even card games are great ways to engage your child and help them stay mindful when working or playing with the task in front of them. Studies have shown that when children play games in general, they are more engaged and able to focus better. 


2. Create a coloring station

Studies have found that coloring-in improves stress management and is a practical alternative to relaxation breathing. When combined with breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness, the simple act of coloring-in has the potential to be a fun and mindful activity that improves your child’s wellbeing. 


3. Journal or write

Like coloring, writing is considered a simple way to implement mindfulness if your child struggles to meditate or sit still and be present. It can sharpen focus, increase positive thought, and ease negative self-talk. 


4. Go on an adventure

Going on an adventure (one as simple as taking a walk in the park) is a creative and mindful activity that helps to redirect your child’s focus away from stress and anxiety. Incorporating physical exercise into their adventure activity is a positive collaboration as it adds to the health benefits of exercise and mindfulness. 


5. Create a mindful jar

Fun to make, a mindful jar can help your child understand and express their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Help them add glitter, glue, glitter glue, coloring, Lego pieces, mini figurines, or anything else they want to a clear jar to represent the current moment. The best part is that the mindful jar or bottle is something that can be kept as a tool for mindfulness or calming down later on. 


The great thing about mindfulness is that everyday things can be turned into mindful activities. From being present when you and your child eat to reading a book together, there's always an opportunity to bring mindful awareness to an otherwise ordinary activity. 


We hope these tips and activities have been useful to you and your family. For more like this, make sure to follow @mindfulandcokids on Instagram and visit mindfulandcokids.com.

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