Sarah Blackburn

Sarah is an adaptable, highly creative Curriculum Developer, Teacher Trainer, and Early Childhood Specialist. As the Associate Director of Bilingual Birdies, a New York City based children's language and music program, she thrived for over 10-years as a natural leader and close advisor for a small business that has grown to be an international staple among early childhood language programs. She has a proven record of transmitting complex ideas to children and adults of all ages using innovative teaching tools that are effective and fun.

Sarah's deep love of meditation and yoga combined with her expertise designing and implementing curriculum for young children has led her to teach in several kids' camps across Asia as one of the primary Youth Coordinators specializing in mindful movement and meditation. She has also completed two meditation teacher trainings, one at The Interdependence Project guided by Ethan Nictern and Kate Johnson, and the other at Three Jewel Outreach Center guided by Hector Marcel, Coco Korniczky, and Thupten Phuntsok. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys making music, cooking, and studying eastern philosophy.