Stepping into Oneself with Sean Taylor


Wednesday | December 2 | 7:00pm EST


Virtual (Zoom)


In this session, Kirat Randhawa will speak with Sean Taylor to explore the foundation of building a confident and compassionate relationship with oneself and one's experience. With the wisdom from their own experience, they'll discuss the downfalls of being performative and how embodying one's truth can lead to sustainable joy. 

Guest Biography:

Sean Taylor is a Digital Creator and body-acceptance advocate. Sean previously worked in plus-size fashion as a social media manager, and also appeared on season 1 of The Circle on Netflix in which she boldly used her air-time to highlight the negative bias fat folks face on and offline. She is currently living in NYC, tending to her online community by sharing her journey and helping others practice self-compassion and unlearn their stigma around larger bodies.