Contemplative Guidance with Kirat Randhawa


A Kind Rupture: a newly-developed methodology that utilizes a range of exploratory and compassion-based practices to facilitate a gradual return to the self. Through a multidimensional approach to healing, this offering ushers you toward powerful and purposeful living by providing a container for cultivating deep introspection. Kirat merges meditation and dialogue with inquiry-based exercises to mirror the complexity of the human experience, and thus, calls forth the natural wisdom of each practitioner. 

A Kind Rupture provides a creative approach to contemplation that invites connection through individual session work. Each session provides a container for assessing the personal landscape of the client, including their current experience and potential blocks, exploring fresh perspectives, and identifying new habits for optimal growth through guided-practice. Meditation practice and complimentary exercises will be curated according to the needs of each client. Each session will conclude with a grounding exercise to support the integration of the experience into one's daily life.

“The sure foundation upon which I had sought to stand has turned out to be the center from which I seek," - Alan Watts.

$250 / 75 minutes

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There is currently a waitlist for October sessions. Availability opens in November.