1:1 Sessions with Contemplative Mentor Kirat Randhawa


The individual mentorship is for clients who are looking to deepen their relationship with themselves by learning how to skillfully navigate their internal experience with greater ease. Through the use of meditative practices, curated dialogue, and reflective exercises, Kirat works to help practitioners cultivate a healthy relationship with themselves by developing compassionate awareness of the self and all that they encounter. In addition, Kirat works closely with individuals to support them in fostering the proper internal conditions for increasing emotional intelligence, decreasing stress and anxiety, and maintaining a sense of internal stability. Clients will also learn the art of establishing mindfulness, self-compassion, and insight. Each session is designed to cater to any specific experience that the client is working through or struggling with.
To schedule, please email Kirat at kirat@standarddose.com
$125 / 60 minutes + curated integration guide for next steps.